Welcome from the Head

At St Hilda’s we have a holistic approach to learning and child development.  Our Christian faith is central to our moral development, mutual respect and appreciation for the cultural diversity within our community.

Our school’s high standards of behaviour allow children to focus on learning.  This is supported by positive reinforcement of our expectations, encouraging children to consider making the right choices in life.

Children achieve highly at St Hilda’s through the rich learning experiences we provide. Pupils are encouraged to find out about their own strengths and talents to allow them to strive to achieve the best they can be, all of the time.

Our school is also far more than a place to learn; it is a place where lifelong relationships are built. Effective partnerships between teachers and parents play a vital role in the education of their own children. Together we can achieve all our goals.

With best wishes,

Mrs Anne Homer, Acting Headteacher