The time children spend being directly taught in class is in-line with national averages of 21 hours per week for KS1 and 23.5 hours for KS2. Please find more detailed information below on the length of the school day. 



8:40     Staff are on duty in the school playgrounds to welcome and supervise unaccompanied pupils. 

8:50     The school day begins.  The school bell rings and doors are opened to allow pupils to come into class. KS1 and KS2 classes are collected from the school playground. 

Pupils are expected to settle quickly to pre-registration tasks.  KS2 pupils complete their ‘I can do Maths’ booklet and in KS1, teachers set ‘Doodle Maths’ which encourages fast and furious mental maths activity. In Reception, teachers set out a range of settling tasks based on number and phonics acquisition.

9:00     A second bell sounds to signal the class register should be taken.  The exterior doors to the school are closed. Hot meal orders are confirmed for any pupils that have not pre-ordered.

Pupils that arrive after 9:00 should enter the school via the main entrance where the office will register them as either:

9:00     Late (to 9.30)

9:30     Late unauthorised for pupils that arrive after the morning register closes at 9:30.

The office complete class registers by coding pupils according to the reasons for their absence.  As a matter of urgency, the office seeks to establish the reason for all absences; contacting the family where no reason has been provided.  This is to establish that all pupils who set off for school in the morning have arrived in school.

Break     KS1 and KS2 pupils enjoy a 15 minute morning break.  In addition, KS1 pupils stop and gather together for a brief snack break.  Reception pupils choose to take their snack during the morning as part of their continuous provision.


Pupils take their lunch in the school hall. Pupils may choose to bring their own packed lunch or purchase a cooked meal. Please click on the school dinners section of the website for more information.

Reception and KS1 Lunchtime is 12:00-1:00 where pupils are supervised by lunchtime staff. In the KS1 playground, they are also supported by our KS2 ‘Play Leaders’.

KS2 Lunchtime is 12:15-1:15 where pupils are supervised by lunchtime staff in the KS2 Playground. 

Our learning Mentor, Sue Alvis, supports our lunchtime staff in both playgrounds and manages our Play Leaders.

1:00      Reception and KS1 afternoon lessons begin

1:15      KS2 afternoon lesson begin

The afternoon register is taken again by class teachers. The office will enter a specific code in the register for pupils who arrive in school after this time.  For example M for medical appointment. 

Break     KS1 only for 15 minutes.

2:50      Whole school Assembly all five days of the school week

3:15      End of school day