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Reception – Mrs Simmons and Mrs. Todd

Welcome to the Reception class page.

Mrs Simmons and Mrs. Todd are the class teacher.

The Reception Class Blog can be accessed here: The Reception Class Seesaw Blog.  


At St. Hilda’s, we use the Seesaw Journal on the class blog to:

  • celebrate the learning taking place in school.
  • share individual pieces of classroom work.
  • inform grown-ups about events and trips taking place in school.
  • set homework.
  • access remote learning in the event of self-isolation.

How to access your child’s account:

  • The Family Account ,which allows grown-ups to see their child’s learning journal and communicate directly with their class teacher via an inbox message.
  • Account login details are sent out in September.  More than one family member can be connected to a child’s account.  If you require a login to your child’s account, please contact the school office for this to be arranged.

Remote Learning Advice:

Individual Child Self -isolating: 

  • Ring the office and inform them that your child is self-isolating.
  • If your child is well enough to engage in remote learning, please request work from the office.
  • The office staff will send you a pack of learning for day 1.
  • Your child’s class teacher will be informed.
  • During day 1 of your self-isolation, your child’s class teacher will be contact with you directly via your Family Seesaw Account.  
  • The class teacher will set lessons from the current half-term’s learning overviews.
  • The learning overviews can be accessed by following this link: Remote Learning Overviews

Nursery and Reception Admissions:

We are excited to share our wonderful refurbished Early Years environment. This video will show Mrs Simmons (EYFS Lead / Assistant Head) and Mrs Todd showing you around the setting. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a visit before or after school.

Resources recommended by the class teacher:

Early Reading for EYFS

The websites below are really useful to help your child practise their phonics in a fun and engaging way.

Phonics Play also has lots of great games your child will enjoy playing to practise their phonic sounds and we use these in school.  Choose Phase 2 games

The children love to watch Geraldine Giraffe on You Tube she introduces each letter to the children.  Type Geraldine Giraffe into the You Tube search along with the letter you would like to focus on. Below is an example, follow the link.

This link has videos for parents explaining about how letters and sounds is taught in school, how to say the letter sounds and information about learning the tricky words with your child.

Letters and Sounds for Home and School

The Oxford owl website gives access to parents for the reading scheme we use online, and you can access these at home as ebooks.

Oxford Owl .

Once you have registered return to the home page.  Start with Lilac level these books have no words this is to encourage the children to talk about the story and make up their own story using the pictures.  This is a vital first step in understanding stories.

From the home page:

  1. Scroll down to browse the library
  2. Choose age 3-4
  3. Choose level
  4. Choose book band
  5. Choose lilac
  6. Choose any book from the shelf.

Some of them have additional activities you can do but don’t try to do them all in one go!!!!

If you feel your child is ready to attempt some simple sentence reading have a look at the pink level books.  These books introduce simple high frequency words such as the, to, a.   They also introduce words which can be sounded out and words which can be worked out using the first letter sound and the picture.  Pictures help a lot when first beginning to read with your child so make sure you talk about what your child can see on the page before they attempt to read.

From the home page:

  1. Scroll down to browse the library
  2. Choose age 4-5
  3. Choose level
  4. Choose book band
  5. Choose pink
  6. Choose any book from the shelf.

You can also choose some books which are phonic based

From the home page:

  1. Scroll down to browse the library
  2. Choose age 4-5
  3. Choose level
  4. Choose Letters and sounds phase
  5. Choose phase 2
  6. Choose any book from the shelf.

Reading Workshop