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Year 6 – Miss Hassall

Miss Hassall will keep in contact with all parents and carers here on the Class Seesaw Blog.  

At St. Hilda’s, we use the Seesaw Journal to celebrate individual pieces of classroom learning, to set homework and for children to access remote learning in the event of self-isolation.

There are two accounts for you to access:

  • The Family Account allows you to see your child’s learning journal and communicate directly with their class teacher.
  • The Student Account allows children to access their individual journal, access homework activities and send individual responses directly to the class teacher.
  • Account login details are sent out in September.  If you require a login to your child’s account, please contact the school office for this to be arranged.

Remote Learning Advice:

Individual Child Self -isolating: 

  • Ring the office and inform them that your child is self-isolating.
  • If your child is well enough to engage in remote learning, please request work from the office.
  • The office staff will send you a pack of learning for day 1.
  • Your child’s class teacher will be informed.
  • During day 1 of your self-isolation, your child’s class teacher will be contact with you via your Family Seesaw Account.  
  • The class teacher will set lessons from the current half-term’s learning overviews.
  • The learning overviews can be accessed by following this link: Remote Learning Overviews

Whole Class Bubble Self -isolating: 

  • You will be contacted by the office to inform you of the bubble closure and the period of self-isolation.
  • Your child’s class teacher will upload a post on the Seesaw Blog, to inform you of the bubble closure.
  •  On every school day of the self-isolation period, your child’s class teacher will post a daily timetable of learning in line with the learning that takes place in the classroom.
  • Example Timetable for Whole Class Remote Learning: 
  • This will give you an overview of the learning that will be uploaded on the Seesaw Blog each day.
  • Resources including: personalised videos, worksheets, challenges and links to accompany the lessons will be uploaded each morning.
  • Remote learning can be accessed via the class blog here:

Archived: Y6 weekly spelling lists

Year 6 Spellings