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Attendance and Punctuality


At St. Hilda’s, we aim to celebrate all children’s achievements which include good attendance and punctuality.

Coming to school regularly helps build self esteem and confidence in children as well as teaching them social skills and academic knowledge.

At St. Hilda’s, we look for all children to have attendance above 95% in order to ensure that your child gets the best
possible education available. If you have any problems concerning your child at school or anything is affecting their
attendance then please do not hesitate to contact us of 0161 881 5466.

We have an Education Welfare Officer who works with us to improve attendance at St Hilda’s. They can be contacted on: 0161-912-2352.


If your child is absent from school we require, by law, a reason for this absence.

If we do not receive a reason (either by letter, telephone or in person) then the absence will be marked as unauthorised.

The School Welfare Service may then become involved if the absences continue or are already quite high.

Therefore, St. Hilda’s has a system for reporting absence. We ask that on the morning of your child’s absence, you phone school with the reason for the absence or call into the school and leave a message for the teacher.

Where possible please make all appointments outside of school hours i.e. dentist checkups etc.

In the event your child is absent over two different weeks we ask they you ring school each Monday to let us know.

Absence Requests During Term Time

Pupil attainment is directly linked to their attendance in school.

In 2013 the Government introduced new guide lines regarding term time absence from school.

The main change that will affect all of our families is that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

In the event of exceptional circumstances you must submit your request in writing to the Headteacher giving at least two weeks notice. Each case will be assessed on an individual basis. If leave is authorised this will be for a maximum of 10 days only.

Any families taking unauthorised absence may incur a fine from the Education Welfare Department.

Any absence of more than 20 days will result in your place in school being withdrawn.

Arrival At School

At St. Hilda’s, our school day starts at 8.50am

It is important that your child is in school on time each day so that they do not miss the
start of the day mental maths activities.

Staff are on duty on the playground from 8.40am. If you drop a Key Stage 2 child off before this time please ensure they come onto the Junior playground and do not wait for their friends at the front gate or leave the school grounds.

Parents of children that are being brought in late persistently and or collected late will initially receive a letter from school and if this continues will be referred to our E.W.O and may incur a fine.


Regularly arriving late into class does not only have an upsetting and embarrassing effect on your child but also disrupts other members of the class who arrive punctually.

If you have concerns with regards to getting your child to school on time, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 0161 881 5466.