For information about how we are keeping our staff and our children safe during the Covid-19 crisis, please see our Covid-19 Trust Support page

Meet The Staff

Our Staff
Principal Miss C McCoy
Safeguarding LeadMiss C McCoy
Assistant Principal (Early Years Lead)Mrs K Simmons
Assistant Principal (KS2 Lead)Mrs H James
Nursery Miss M Taylor
ReceptionMrs K Simmons
Year 1Miss B Raggett
Year 2Miss Rogan
Year 3 ERMiss E Rodgers
Year 3 GSMissG Schaffer
Year 4Miss J Shaw
Year 5Mr C James
Year 5/6 Mr S Sharma
Year 6Miss E Hassall
Pastoral Care OfficerMrs V Beaumont
Deputy Safeguarding Lead
SEND Lead Mrs J Thomas
Nursery TAMrs S Wilson
Reception TAMrs P Singh
EYFS StaffMrs R Todd
TAMiss K Parkes
TA Mrs A Olayinka
TAMrs J Brown
TAMrs A Wali
TA Miss N Cattell
TAMrs S Choudhary
SEND TA & Speech and Language SpecialistMrs L Murphy
PE CoordinatorMiss L McIlhinney
AdministratorMiss T Dunning
Site ManagerMr M Lovell
Lunchtime StaffMrs P Pemberton
Mrs N Batool
Mrs S Burton-Smith
Miss N Davies
Miss M Ferguson
Mrs G Kaur
Miss H Lawson
Mrs S Sheikh
Miss A Wahid